All creativity builds on what came before. This is the disarmingly simple and poignant message of Everything is a Remix, a four part video series and accompanying blog from New York filmmaker Kirby Ferguson. Part 3 of the series has exploded, getting more than 150,000 views in 4 days. Already, fans have completely translated the video into 8 languages.

Join the translation effort now:

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“The Elements of Creativity” focuses on how copying and remix were essential elements in the development of the personal computer and the world wide web. Ferguson posted the video on Universal Subtitles so that his fans could help his message go global. By creating subtitles for the video, these fans become co-collaborators, spreading the word and making it ripe for the next wave of creativity to build upon. The ten minute video is now available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, German, Italian and Danish, with more on the way. You can help translate too!

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