Updates to amara.org:

  • #780 Finalize Keyboard Shortcuts and Displayed Help text
  • #514 Editor: Implement new instructions design
  • #1228 New editor: line break ignored in line length calculation
  • #1231 Support clickable URL’s in Team Application
  • #1255 Update wording for the guided step 2 in new editor
  • #1256 Possible to Approve incomplete subtitles

Most of changes are related to improvements to the new editor which we are working to move out of beta and switch over to using it as the primary editor in the near future.


These updates included a lot of changes to the text strings, and we are hoping that our multilingual users can help us with the translations via our project on transifex.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Tom at Pixelogic who has been generously giving us his time and talent to help make improvements to the amara interface.  He was a huge help in the redesign of the keyboard shortcuts section pictured above.

Lastly, if you haven’t tried the new editor and would like to, you can get there from the current editor by clicking the Save and open in new editor link.


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