Updates to amara.org:

If you haven’t tried the new editor yet, you should! 
  • #1274 Add Team guidelines to the new editor.
  • #1293 reduce help overlay height, clear instructions on ui click.
  • #1310 still have references to universalsubtitles.org in code for translatable strings.
  • #1309 update docs for http notifications.
  • #1295 add the fileExt field to automatically synced Kaltura files.
  • #1271 Prevent videos from auto-playing when the editor it opened.
  • #1236 Contents within curly brackets are removed on upload by SRT parser.
  • #1242 Cross-origin resource sharing for API requests.


  • #1274 adds a link to display style guidelines in the editor.  The default is to display the Amara Style Guidelines, however Amara Enterprise customers have the option to tailor the help for their particular team.

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