Fixes and features deployed to

The main feature of the deploy includes a changes to the youtube syncing behavior, making the account linking simpler and more visible to enterprise teams.  We’ve also added an improved ui to assist our site staff in tracking and correcting any syncing errors.

Here’s the complete list of changes:

#1488 Refactor youtube syncing to use external sites model

#523 Sync to multiple YouTube URLs

#1237 Remove “beta” from YouTube account linking controls

#1072 New videos added to linked YouTube accounts do not get Amara promo in the description

#1618 Incomplete subtitles syncing to Kaltura

#986 Uploading a new draft wipes out speaker name

#1573 Indicate which language is the primary audio lang in in the reference menu

#1612 Make RTL text displayed correctly in new embedder

#1651 Help link in the header menu resolves to a wrong URL

#1308 Local (dev env) errors on saving if title/description contain non-ascii characters

#740 Don’t allow modules to be imported 2 ways

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