Highlights from our latest deploy

Editor notes

Users can now add notes in the editor as they are working on subtitles.  Useful as a simple reminder to self, or a way to pass on information to others who may edit later.  These changes are specific to the current editor and are not implemented in the legacy editor.

Broadcasting video specific messages for task teams

For enterprise teams that use tasks, making a comment on the main page of a video on the comments tab, will notify all followers of the language as well as anyone who was worked on a task for that language.  This is helpful if there have been changes to the video or original language translation and you want to let all people who have worked on it know about the updates.

Uploading Subtitles / Drafts

You can now upload your subtitles directly from the editor.  From the Tools menu, just select Upload subtitles.  Once the subs are uploaded you can check them over, make any edits and save as usual.

For task teams, there is no longer an upload draft button on the task page.  Instead you go right into the editor which saves a few navigation steps.

Language bar

We’ve removed it from the top of every page.  You can edit and update your languages from the profile page.  If your languages are not set, you’ll be prompted when joining a team.

If you are the manager of an application-only enterprise team, setting the language is now a mandatory part of the application process.  This will make it easier to review your applications if you are looking for specific language skills.

Edit title and description

We’ve removed the Edit title and description with the overlay popping open from the editor progress steps.  Instead it’s a link in the Review stage.

Warnings for common subtitling mistakes

There are some basic guidelines you can follow to keep you subtitles easy to read.  We’ve added some warnings for these common mistakes, to help improve subtitle quality.  Warnings don’t affect saving subtitles and can be toggled on and off via the Tools menu.

Complete list of github issues

  • Automatic warnings for common subtitling mistakes #735
  • Enable users to upload new versions (or drafts) directly to the editor new editor #993
  • Prompt users to edit title/description for review/approve tasks #1409
  • Notify followers of all languages on comments left on the main video page #1470
  • Rework the workflow steps in the new editor #1523
  • Make users have set the languages they speak when joining a team #1576
  • Remove choose your languaes from every page #1578
  • Remove link to widgetizer on video submit page #1634
  • Note system for the editor #1638
  • Subtitle Action System #1667
  • Minor Editor CSS bug – overlay instructions #1671
  • Make the editor responsive to zooming #1396


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