This guide shows how to instantly get a quote, plus purchase captions or translations for any video you’ve uploaded to Vimeo. This functionality is integrated directly into, for your convenience.

Step 1. Your Video Page

Ensure you’re logged in to Vimeo and then visit the video page (on Click the Settings button, then the Advanced button, and finally the Purchase button, as shown in this animation:

An animated image, showing video page, settings page, and advanced settings pages.


Step 2. Original Language

When you click the purchase button, you’ll be prompted for the spoken language in your video. In other words, if your video has English dialog, you would pick English on this first screen:

First screen of Vimeo purchase flow


Step 3. Captions or Translations

Next, you’ll decide if you just want original language captions (the option on the left) or captions with translations (the option on the right).

screenshot showing caption and translation buttons


Step 4. Services, Pricing Quote, Check Out

If you’re only purchasing captions, you’ll have a variety of service levels to pick from. You can use the Amara Editor for polishing up the final output.

If you’re purchasing translations, we’ll automatically pick the best captions possible, which is how we ensure the highest quality of translation.

Once you’ve made your quality and/or language selections, you can see the total price in the sidebar. Click the Check out button to finalize your purchase.

check out button

Step 5. Work in Progress

The work is started immediately, plus you should get an email confirmation. As soon as work is finished, you’ll get another email notification. The delivery time will depend on the length of your video, plus the services you chose.

Work in progress screenshot

Step 6. Enabling Captions & Translations

Once work is finished, you can enable the subtitles via the same Advanced Settings page for your video. Check the box on the left to enable the subtitles.

screenshot: enable subtitles area

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this page and click the Save Changes button!

screenshot: save changes button

Note: If you requested to review finished captions, before they are sent to Amara for translation, you’ll do that in this area as well – just follow the prompts.

Step 7. Viewing Your Captions & Translations

Once you’ve got subtitle tracks enabled, go to your video page and you should see a CC logo on the bottom right corner of the video.

Viewers simply click the CC logo to access available languages.

screenshot: CC button on video player

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