Amara is dedicated to making the world a more inclusive and connected place. Last month, when Donald Trump signed an executive order for “extreme vetting” and banned citizens of seven Middle Eastern and African countries from entry into the US, we decided it was important for us to speak out publicly.

We stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and any others affected by this harmful executive order. We oppose any action that discriminates based on race, religion, or country of origin.

We stand in solidarity to promote a more inclusive world, and hope you will join our voices in support of a global community where everyone is welcomed and respected. Our humanity is richer and stronger when we all come together.

–theĀ Amara team

4 thoughts on “We stand with refugees, immigrants, Muslims, and any others affected…

  1. Yeah, and never mind that previous presidents signed similar documents several times. And never mind that muslim countries have ban on Israel based solely on religion. Amara jumped on wrong bandwagon.

  2. My Love for Amara increased 1000 times more after reading this page. I salute your words, your efforts and your feelings. “the Amara Team” you are wonderful. Love you. God bless all of you.

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