• 2679 – General notifications (callbacks)
  • 2770 – v1.7: 500 error on subtitle sync tab
  • 2857 – Disambiguate channels on the linked YouTube accounts page
  • 2859 – Error when attempting to add video to team from a project page
  • 2873 – Language code mapping issue in activity records
  • enterprise-1190 – Non-managers can see approvals in Available Assignments
  • enterprise-1316 – Implement v1.8 language switcher
  • enterprise-1361 – Update html for inlaid duration on management and linguist-facing video thumbnails
  • enterprise-1375 – Evaluations Mgmt – Do not allow to change evaluation state for requests being evaluated by other teams
  • enterprise-1409 – v1.8 management page: add project filter to incoming requests tab and evaluations tab
  • enterprise-1431 – Dashboard – teams not requiring approval have Approve link in Available Assignments
  • enterprise-1432 – Take project filter into account when generating master spreadsheet
  • enterprise-1438 – Error declining assignment
  • enterprise-1470 – Show source team projects on available assignments page project filter
  • enterprise-1477 – 500 error on some Subtitle pages
  • enterprise-1478 – broken link on Add URL modal
  • enterprise-1479 – 500 error on personal dashboard
  • enterprise-1480 – Video page – Unicode error when displaying languages with non-ASCII names
  • enterprise-1495 – Fixes for the incoming requests and evaluations project filter
  • enterprise-1496 – Don’t always show teams in the project filter labels
  • enterprise-1511 – Activity tab for a video 500s after changing subtitle language code
  • enterprise-1514 – Update project field prepare_value to work with new project filter

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