We’ve just released a group of features that allows higher flexibility for adding videos to Amara.

Previously, we only allowed a video url to exist in one place in all of Amara – so if a user tried to add a video to the public area, and the video was already on Amara in the Enterprise teams area, they would get an error message. This would also happen if a user tried to add a video to one Enterprise team that was already in another Enterprise team.

Now, a single video url can exist on Amara on multiple teams as well as the public area, for teams and users who wish to independently create their own subtitles for the same video.

For teams who prefer to prevent their team members from mistakenly subtitling videos in the public area, there is a flag that you can set to mimic the old behavior.  If the flag is set for your team, then the following is true:

  • If a video exists in the public area, and a user on your team tries to add the same video to your team, Amara will move the video to your team instead of creating a new one.
  • If a video exists on a team, users will not be able to add it to the public area.

If you’re unsure if the flag is set for your Enterprise team, please email enterprise@amara.org. If you have a Collaboration-style team, you can check for yourself and define the behavior from the bottom of your Team Settings > General page.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.47.32 AM.png

You can let us know what you think or ask questions about the feature by responding on this forum post.

Happy subtitling!

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