We have some major improvements to the Amara editor planned for 2018. We’ve already gotten off to a running start with the addition of shift subtitles, split subtitles, and subtitle positioning, and there are many more to come!

As we look forward, we have decided to remove our Legacy Editor from the site. Before we get rid of the Legacy editor, we want to hear from you – is there anything about the Legacy Editor that works BETTER than the current Amara editor? We want to make sure that the current Amara editor meets our users needs before we remove the Legacy version.

If you see the “Legacy Editor” button in the upper right of the Amara Editor while you’re working, please help us out by doing a bit of work in that interface and let us know if there’s anything that prefer from the Legacy editor. You can do that by sharing your feedback in this form!

screenshot showing the legacy editor button inside the Amara editor

Please note: if you don’t see the Legacy editor button in the editor, you may be accessing the editor from a Collaboration team. Open the editor for a non-team video to see the Legacy editor button.

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