In our latest page update to Amara’s teams, we included a new filter style that’s significantly different from the way we display filters on the other team pages. We put the filters on top of the list so they don’t take up the left side of the screen.

We’re trying out this new filter style on a single page, so that you can help us improve it in the early stages. Here’s the thinking behind the new design:

The old filters took up the entire left part of the screen.

Member directory page with filters along left side


Users saw all the filters, even though some of them were probably irrelevant for what they were looking for.

Instead, we’re trying out a display that only shows the filters you’ve chosen, and that can show as many filters as you choose without taking up much extra space.

Team activity page with filters along top of results

There was no easy way to reset all your filters.

We added a “clear filters” button that appears when you’ve selected some filters.

On the old Team Activity Page, the list of activities you could filter for was long and cumbersome.

We consolidated the activities you could filter by into a filter option labeled “Type.” We added a scrollbar within the “types” option so that once you select that filter, the dropdown menu doesn’t take up the whole length of your browser window. If you have suggestions for a clearer label for the list of different activities you can filter by please share!

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 2.23.44 PM

If you’re a member of an Amara team, please check out the filters on the Activity page and click around, then write a comment on this blog, its corresponding forum post, or on Facebook!

Activity navigation tab in team navigation area

Not sure if your team is a Collaboration team? If your Team Activity tab looks like the one below, your team is still using the old style model. Ask your team administrator about upgrading your team type to take advantage of the new styles and other new features.

Old style activity page



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