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Amara Community Highlights

As an active user of YouTube’s Community Contributions feature, you’ve been invited to utilize the Amara platform free of charge for 1 year.

  • Amara Community is everything you like about YouTube Community Contributions + many features that you and individual contributors have asked for to better serve your Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing viewers.
    • Contributor Gates: Creators choose and control which subscribers can become contributors through an invitation and/or application process.
    • Quality Control (QC): Optional QC permissions so that edits must be approved by 2 contributors before going live. You can also see previous revisions and recent activity.
    • Community Building: Creators and contributors can message each other to work together and learn from each other.
    • YouTube Integration: Linking your YouTube channel to Amara allows for easy and automatic import/export of content.

Compare & Get Started

  • YouTube is offering 1 free year of basic Amara Community to eligible creators (details here).
  • Similar to YouTube Community Contributions, it is your responsibility to find and recruit volunteers from your community to caption and subtitle; our editor platform helps you facilitate production once you begin. If you would like to purchase caption work, you can access our Amara-on-Demand service once logged in to our platform.
1 year free,
then $12/month
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Feature Comparison
Team members 25 included 500 included
Target languages 5 included 5 included
Linked YouTube channels 1 1+
Team admins 1 unlimited
Award winning editor
Invitation-only process for allowing subscribers to help
Quality assurance step
Team membership controls
Basic workflow and roles
Advanced workflow/roles and API access
Add Ons
25 additional team members $4 / month N/A
1 additional target language $2 / month N/A
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Billed in recurring
3 month increments

YouTube Subsidy Details

  • Subsidy includes Amara Community subscription for a year which includes 25 seats (you + 24 contributors) and up to 5 languages.
  • Additional seats or languages can be purchased separately at any time.
  • Upon completion of the 1-year subsidy, you will be billed in 3 month increments.
  • You can cancel any time.
  • Interested in using your YouTube subsidy toward our Community Enterprise offering? Contact us at
  • Start your free year of basic Amara Community: REDEEM NOW.

Usage Details

  • Public YouTube videos are a requirement; private videos will not be accessible on the Amara Community subscription.
  • Amara Community is a public-facing offering, which means your team name, videos, and contributed captions will be listed publicly and viewable to all Amara Free users.
  • If you’d like to explore a private workspace, see our Amara Plus and Professional Enterprise offerings.
  • Easily order professional quality captions and translations from Amara On Demand via your Amara Community dashboard.

Prominent Users of Amara Include

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New York Times logo
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About Amara

Launched in 2010, Amara is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), a 501c3 non-profit organization. PCF is dedicated to creating technologies, services, and communities that ensure a more collaborative, inclusive world.

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