Caption your videos ▶️

  • Make videos accessible for deaf and hard of hearing viewers
  • Lengthen video watch-time and boost your search rankings (SEO)
  • Great starting point for creating translations into different languages.

Translate your videos with subtitles 🌏

  • Bring your content to new audiences and build a global viewership
  • Two eye-opening success stories1:
    • VICE Magazine – more than doubled their daily watch time in 2017 by translating their English videos into Spanish and Portuguese
    • TED – translated titles and descriptions for 2K videos into 11 languages, saw localized watch time increase by 20-35% (and in some markets up to 60%)

Amara can help! ❤️

The Amara platform makes it easy to caption and subtitle video, whether you are a one-person channel or an entire media production team. For YouTube Creators, we have some very special offerings:

Amara Free: invite the world to edit your subtitles

Amara Free is a subtitle editing and creation tool. Enable people from across the globe to help caption and translate your videos.

Amara Free includes:

  • Amara Editor – an easy to use multi-award winning tool (learn more)
  • Public editing – invite everyone to subtitle your videos (learn more)
  • YouTube integration – directly link your channel to Amara
  • 6% discount on Amara On Demand – our professional captioning and translation service (learn more)

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Feature comparison table

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Amara Community: a controlled workspace

Amara Community is a powerful platform for engaging your viewers to subtitle your content — like TED and others have done. Amara Community comes with a built-in workflow to ensure you get the highest quality subtitles possible. Your team and videos are public-facing, but you ultimately control who you invite to subtitle your videos, and can review subtitles before they are published.

Amara Community includes:

  • Amara Team – a centralized space with built-in quality control (learn more)
  • Amara Editor – an easy to use multi-award winning tool (learn more)
  • YouTube integration – directly link your channel to Amara
  • 12% discount on Amara On Demand – our professional captioning and translation service (learn more)
  • Pricing and upgrade options
    • Start with 25 seats and translate into 5 languages – $12 per month
    • Add 25 more seats – $4 per month
    • Add new languages – $2 per month
    • Billed in recurring 3 month increments

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Have a fairly large viewership already and a lot of video content? We want to help you reach an even bigger audience.

🍰 Learn about AMARA ENTERPRISE 🍰

Amara On Demand: professional subtitles

Amara On Demand (AOD) delivers on Amara’s mission of ensuring online content is truly accessible to everyone. This means affordable AND high-quality subtitles. At Amara, we take extra care to deliver quality subtitles knowing millions of people rely on them to access content.

Amara On Demand includes:

  • Professional captions and subtitles – created by native speakers
  • An all-human workflow – where linguists are valued as people
  • Quality review – on all subtitles before delivery
  • Exclusive discounts – for select languages

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Highlights of the Amara platform

Screenshot of the Amara Editor including the: video display window/timeline up top and captions/translation editing spaces below.
The Amara Editor in action

The Amara Subtitle Editor

Easy to learn, fun to use, yet incredibly powerful. The Amara Editor has won awards from the United Nations (UN) and the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for advances in innovation and accessibility.

  • Create same-language captions and translated subtitles
  • Supports over 300 languages
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Advanced feature-set
Screenshot of an Amara Free page featuring a Greta Thunberg video subtitled into 65 languages.
A video being subtitled by the public

Public Editing

Enables anyone to create and edit subtitles for your video. Invite your viewers and fans to help make your content available in many languages.

  • Fully open and public editing
  • Instant syncing back to YouTube
  • Videos added to Amara Free video library, where anyone can find and edit
Screenshot of the video thumbnail gallery in the Wikitongues Amara Community team, showing the number of completed subtitles for each video.
The Wikitongues Amara Community

Amara Community Team

A centralized way to manage your community of contributors within a controlled space. Amara Community is a powerful option that enables higher quality subtitles for your video.

  • All of your volunteers under one roof
  • Built-in quality control
  • Tap into the social connections of your multilingual fans. Reach new audiences near and far!


1. “Found in Translation: Language tools for building a global audience”. YouTube Creator Blog.