Professional caption and subtitling services

Language Captions Translation
from English
English $1.88
Spanish $2.35 $7.05
Portuguese, Brazilian $2.35 $7.05
Other languages For service in over 30 other languages
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Add ons
Premium Service
(includes full review)
$1.00 $1.50

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Purchase Details:

  • Pricing is per minute of video runtime.
  • Public or unlisted YouTube videos are a requirement.
  • Translations require premium Amara On Demand captions.
  • Regular turnaround and service details apply.
  • Discounts only apply to base cost of captions and translations of languages listed above; add ons and other services are not discounted.

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About Amara

Launched in 2010, Amara is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), a 501c3 non-profit organization. PCF is dedicated to creating technologies, services, and communities that ensure a more collaborative, inclusive world.

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