production deploy 2015-04-15

Changes deployed to April 15, 2015 1866: Editor: Don't allow saving if timestamps are invalid 1873: Add some more options per subtitle line in the editor 2153: Editor shortcuts 2157: Increase required version of coverage to fix warnings 123: generalize editor-nonces / open-editor Changes deployed to 21-March -> April 8, 2015 1425: For … Continue reading production deploy 2015-04-15

Amara’s site performance increases dramatically!

Amara users have probably noticed some serious speed improvements over the past month.   Average page load time has been halved, and some specific pages have seen even more dramatic improvements.  Today we've deployed another set of changes which mainly affect the video pages. Here's a quick summary of the features and fixes added to Amara … Continue reading Amara’s site performance increases dramatically!