Captioning Brightcove videos with Amara

The Easiest way to get Captions and Subtitles on your Brightcove Videos Brightcove Customers have a new option for using Captions and Subtitles to reach a wider audience, improve their SEO and improve accessibility: Amara. Yesterday we rolled out our Amara-Brightcove integration for getting captions directly on to your Brightcove videos.  And we're boasting that … Continue reading Captioning Brightcove videos with Amara

amara dev update 2014-05-17

Changes deployed to 2014-05-17 #1454 add_amara_description_credit_to_youtube called too often #1477 Add filters to bulk approvals page #1416 Add guard against task backlogs #1019 Improve line-break support for TXT format #1494 switch youtube sync from srt to sbv to avoid HTML tags display on youtube.