Customer Spotlight: Unrest

Today we want to highlight the work of one of our Amara Platform customers and their award-winning film 'Unrest.' Twenty-eight year-old Jennifer Brea is working on her PhD at Harvard and months away from marrying the love of her life when she gets a mysterious fever that leaves her bedridden and looking for answers. … Continue reading Customer Spotlight: Unrest

Zarma and Benhti Kenaga’ languages have been added!

This month we added two new languages to Amara: Behnti Kenaga’, from Alaska, and Zarma, from West Africa. Behnti Kenaga’ [taa] Amara learned about the Doyon Foundation and the 7,000 Languages Project back in April, when we added four native Alaskan Athabaskan (Dena) languages to Amara's supported subtitle languages. This month they brought the language … Continue reading Zarma and Benhti Kenaga’ languages have been added!

Subtitling Solutions from Amara

Amara Subtitling's products and services were designed to make subtitle creation fast and easy. Catch your audience’s attention in the first few seconds with quality subtitles. Subtitles for online video content are high in demand, and we at Amara are eager to help you find the right subtitling solution for you. Content with subtitles: Has … Continue reading Subtitling Solutions from Amara

Stoney Corner Language Reclamation

In May, we added the Stoney Nakoda [sto] language to the subtitle language dropdown in Amara. Since then, we had the opportunity to learn more about the organization who requested the addition: the Stoney Corner Language Reclamation Project at Paul First Nation.   As a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, Amara supports the preservation … Continue reading Stoney Corner Language Reclamation

Meet the Amararians| Charlotte Fagan: So much content is only available in English! You use Amara for your video projects, you contribute your efforts to translations and captions, and you enjoy the captions created by our community. But did you ever wonder who is "behind the scenes" at Amara? As it turns out, they are a bunch of cool people with interesting stories to tell! So, let's … Continue reading Meet the Amararians| Charlotte Fagan: So much content is only available in English!

How to share your captioned video online

You finally finished captioning a video, and maybe even translated your captions into several languages! Congrats! So what's next? Now you can download your captions or transcriptions in different formats for later use. If you are wondering what formats to download and how to download them, check out this article in the Amara Support Center: … Continue reading How to share your captioned video online

Stoney (Nakoda) language has been added

This month we added the Stoney (Nakoda) language to Amara. Most of the languages in its subgroup, the Dakota subgroup of Siouan languages, are spoken further south, in the Mississippi Valley and Great Plains of Ohio, USA. The Stoneys are the only Siouan people that live entirely in Canada. Want tips on language preservation? We … Continue reading Stoney (Nakoda) language has been added is now a static website

Hey Amara users, Please excuse our use of the Amara blog for a Participatory Culture Foundation post (that’s the non-profit that makes Amara!). We have some news about Miro Guide (, which is our channel listing website for Miro ( Miro and Miro Guide are a great project that we unfortunately have not been able … Continue reading is now a static website