What subtitle file format should I use?

Subtitle formats can seem pretty complicated. It may seem easiest to just choose whatever format is most popular or widely supported, instead of the one that’s just right for what you plan to do with the subtitles. To help you make the best decision, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the best subtitle file formats to … Continue reading What subtitle file format should I use?

Subtitling Solutions from Amara

Amara Subtitling's products and services were designed to make subtitle creation fast and easy. Catch your audience’s attention in the first few seconds with quality subtitles. Subtitles for online video content are high in demand, and we at Amara are eager to help you find the right subtitling solution for you. Content with subtitles: Has … Continue reading Subtitling Solutions from Amara

Does Your Org Need Subtitles/Captions?

We've seen some amazing successes with volunteer contributed captions and translations recently —see OK Go and PBS NewsHour Translation Parties— but we know that some organizations might prefer to pay for captions. For example, this could allow them to publish a video with English captions from the get go, and then request volunteer help for … Continue reading Does Your Org Need Subtitles/Captions?