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Leading global companies, start-ups, universities and organizations use Amara to caption and subtitle their video. From private internal corporate videos to YouTube videos to Hollywood films and television shows, Amara excels at meeting a wide range of needs with the most flexible subtitling platform in the world. And our on-demand captioning and subtitling services provide very high quality and rapid turnaround at dramatically lower prices.

Film and Television

Producers, publishers, and distributors of film and television, like Netflix and film distributor Gravitas Ventures, use Amara to make captioning and translation simpler and less expensive. Amara makes it possible to caption and translate for global viewing audiences much more cost effectively than traditional approaches.

Easily manage workflows between distributed teams, whether they are staff, contractors, or viewers. Publish completed subtitles directly through the Amara API to hosting platforms or into your own publishing CMS. Export subtitles in almost any industry standard format you can think of.

You can also order captions and subtitles on-demand at any time and at any scale and have them delivered along with the industry-leading Amara editor and management platform.

Universities and Online Education

Most of the leading online education companies and organizations use Amara to caption and translate video, including Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy, TED Ed, as well as many colleges and universities. As online education explodes in popularity, subtitles are essential to making courses accessible and international. Colleges and universities are using Amara to make their rapidly growing video resources readily available to everyone.

Amara works with most popular education video platforms including Kaltura, YouTube, Vimeo, and Brightcove, as well as self-hosted solutions. Our education services are offered in partnership with Cielo24 and include a range of turnaround times.


Businesses and corporations need to communicate with their staff and their customers around the world, and video is becoming a major part of that process. With Amara, companies make it possible for staff, customers, and contractors to caption and translate videos, make them searchable, and share them publicly or privately.

Twitter uses Amara to translate promotional and information videos into dozens of languages and syncs it all to their YouTube channel.

Video Publishers

Any organization that creates video can meet accessibility requirements with captions and reach more people around the world with translated subtitles. Organizations like TED and PBS publish video online with captions and translations created with Amara.

Amara provides more compatibility and flexibility than any other captioning and translation service. Many video publishers use Amara to create volunteer communities—engaging the people who watch their videos to caption and translate them for the world, ultimately reaching more viewers.

Governments and Public Broadcasters

In governments around the world, making video accessible through captioning and translation is often a legal requirement, not an option. Amara makes it much easier to coordinate captioning and translation efforts, so that every citizen gains access. Amara paid captioning and translation services are also dramatically cheaper than traditional approaches.

Non-profit Organizations

Dozens of non-profit organizations use Amara to share their mission, their work, and their media around the world. Non-profits are ideally positioned to build volunteer subtitling communities—your existing supporters will be delighted to find a new way to help support your organization. Creating a volunteer team helps deepen engagement with your organization and lets you caption and translate videos that would be unaffordable to subtitle with a traditional approach.

Did you know that Amara is structured as a non-profit organization? Our mission is to help make video accessible for everyone around the world. We offer discounts for other non-profit organizations—we are always delighted to support work with a social mission.


Amara Pro Enterprise
Order Captions & Translations Yes Yes
Build a Subtitling Community Yes Yes
Manage Subtitles Privately Yes Yes
Max No. of Videos 50 Unlimited
Administer Accounts 1 Unlimited
API Usage Metered Unlimited
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