New York Times
The New York Times and the Alive in Egypt project used Universal Subtitles to translate this interview with Wael Ghonim: Wale Ghonims Emotional TV Interview.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy has integrated Universal Subtitles with every video on their site, inviting volunteers to help translate their educational videos. They are a non-profit organization on a mission to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere: Khan Academy, Introduction to Angles (click the “Subtitles” link under the video)

Al Jazeera Al Jazeera recently launched a volunteer community, which allows their newsdesk to call on translators for help with Arabic-to-English or vice versa. They keep a list of projects available here: Al Jazeera Community Translation Page

PBS NewsHour
PBS NewsHour has been using Universal Subtitles regularly to build a more diverse audience: Geeking Out on Words Just Got Easier and our State of the Union Translation Project.

Drupal used Universal Subtitles to introduce the new Drupal 7 in more than 30 languages: Drupal 7 Landing Page and Intro Video.

Alive in Libya
The Alive in Egypt, Alive in Libya, and Alive in Bahrain projects use Universal Subtitles to enable translation on all the videos that they feature: Alive in Libya

Over 100 translations of OK Go music videos were completed by fans in under 3 days: OK Go Translation Party

Mozilla is beginning to use Universal Subtitles throughout their websites for localization and accessibility: Mozilla Labs blog posts

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