A Powerful Superbowl Ad in Spanish – Subtitles in the Wild - If you haven’t seen this PSA that focuses on violence against women, which aired during the superbowl, it’s worth watching. Eme de Mujer, a website of the largest Uruguayan daily newspaper El País, shared the PSA (with Spanish subtitles) in this recent post. At Amara, it always excites us to see videos, such as this, […]
A twitter conversation on Amara usability - Do you agree with @Yasmatin? If so, how can we make Amara (look) easier? See the full conversation on Twitter.
NYC Event Tomorrow: Translation-Machination (Feb 27, 2015) - If you’re in NYC tomorrow afternoon, a member of the Amara team will be joining a discussion panel at 3:30 pm, at the NYU event Translation-Machination. This event explores the changing circumstances of linguistic exchange and considers the implications of translation as a language technology from a media theoretical perspective. It’s a free event and […]
Amara Newsletter (Feb ’15): A Fashionably Late 2014 Recap - Most orgs did 2014 wrap ups in the first week of January, but that gets a little overwhelming. We’re doing ours fashionably late instead – please enjoy! Accessibility volunteers, making a difference for others In 2014, we learned about, an amazing community of accessibility-minded folks who caption short videos for anyone who requests them. […]
Every Frame a Painting & Satoshi Kon – Subtitles in the Wild - Satoshi Kon, acclaimed director, animator, screenplay writer, and  manga artist, made an impact on filmmakers around the world. In this video, YouTube channel Every Frame a Painting, dissects some of the unique techniques and ideas that Kon pioneered. The video also reviews specific points of influence Kon had in other filmmakers’ films. Daily News Agency, […] & Emma Watson – Subtitles in the Wild - Late last year, at the United Nations, Emma Watson gave an impassioned speech about the launch of HeForShe, a project she’s spearheading along with UN Women. HeForShe calls for everyone to stand behind the concept of gender equality as a human rights issue. recently featured the Watson speech in a blog post and the […]
The EASY way to purchase captions or translations for Vimeo videos - This guide shows how to instantly get a quote, plus purchase captions or translations for any video you’ve uploaded to Vimeo. This functionality is integrated directly into, for your convenience. Step 1. Your Video Page Ensure you’re logged in to Vimeo and then visit the video page (on Click the Settings button, then […]
Tyler Oakley: Leading by Example - Here’s an impressive example of someone stepping up, advocating for what is right, and then following through in a major way. Tyler Oakley, a relatively popular YouTube creator who is best known for LGBT advocacy, posted this video a few days ago – you really have to watch:
Amara Blog Redesign & Intro of CAT - In 2014, we focused on developing the Amara platform (making it faster and even more user friendly), building partnerships, and gaining long-term sustainability.  In 2015, in addition to continuing this work,  we also want to foster greater connections amongst online translation and accessibility communities. We’re starting with this new sub-blog: Community, Accessibility & Translation (aka […]
Amara Video Translation Stats - Curious about how effective your crowd translations are? Wondering about your top languages or the diversity of your team? Amara’s enterprise teams, will now show you all the answers.   The new stats graphs can be found on the Activities tab of your team.
Amara’s site performance increases dramatically! - Amara users have probably noticed some serious speed improvements over the past month.   Average page load time has been halved, and some specific pages have seen even more dramatic improvements.  Today we’ve deployed another set of changes which mainly affect the video pages. Here’s a quick summary of the features and fixes added to Amara […]
Amazon shoppers: Here’s an easy way to help Amara - Amara has come a long way in the past 4 years, growing from a humble prototype into a powerful open platform! Today, Amara is used by millions to create, share, and view captions and subtitles — making it possible for more people to engage, participate, and benefit from all of the amazing content online. Developed […]
Translating the Impact of Nuclear Disasters - When the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe occurred in March 2011, many people looked for a precedent that could give them an understanding of what this tragedy might mean in the long run. They soon found one – this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Since March, the Universal Subtitles community has been […]
Using Universal Subtitles To Track Libyan Conflict - The Libyan conflict has made international headlines this year and the Universal Subtitles community has absolutely taken notice. Our great volunteers have been translating videos into multiple languages, and Universal Subtitles is now being used as a medium through which world news can be shared with everyone. This particular video is extremely popular among people […]
Launching the Universal Subtitles Volunteer Team! - We’re looking for volunteers to caption and translate videos on our volunteer team page. We’ve curated some fascinating videos from non-profit and educational partners that deserve a global audience. Even if you don’t speak multiple languages you can still help make the video more accessible by creating captions. Anyone can join! Why Volunteer? Any video […]
"Summer of Code" interns starting soon - I wanted to give a big welcome to our two Summer of Code interns, Misha Amashukeli and Rohan Jain. They will be starting work on two related projects: Universal Subtitles browser extensions, and a system for requesting subtitles from other users. Together, these two features will bring us a big step closer to our vision of making […]
Get involved and help us make Universal Subtitles better! - We’re working on a fresh release of Universal Subtitles right now and we need help with testing. You don’t need to know anything about programming to get involved! As a non-profit and collaborative project we wholly depend on volunteers at every stage of the process. We already have a fantastic core group of testers, but […]
Help Translate Alive in Egypt Videos - As the courageous protests continue, we’re been able to help the folks at Alive in Egypt make their AIE video page fully translatable. Their site has been attracting many volunteers who are translating voice-to-twitter calls from Egyptians. They have also been aggregating videos from on the ground, but up till now they didn’t have an […]
Help us translate the State of the Union!! - We are launching a special project with PBS NewsHour today to translate last night’s State of the Union address into as many languages as we can! Check it out and jump in >>
Politieke Chaos crosses lingual-political divide - Belgium is a country with three official languages and a lot of political tension. The video embedded below features Kris Janssens, a Belgian radio personality who is fed up with some of the politicians in his country, generated a lot of traffic on the Universal Subtitles website. In the video Janssens is venting about the […]

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