Green Prosperity4All tree logoMore than 2 billion people worldwide have different types, or combinations, of disabilities or age-related barriers that can restrict their ability to use technology. Important parts of our social, political, and economic lives continue to shift online, we cannot allow this significant portion of society to be left without means of participation.

Prosperity4All (P4A) is an advanced research and development project, brining together 25 partners from Europe and America to create a framework for fostering broad technological inclusion. The Participatory Culture Foundation, and Amara, are proud participants in the P4All effort, contributing key infrastructure for captioning and rich media transformation.

P4A will break down barriers to participation using a one-size-fits one paradigm, which allows for automatic personalization of user interfaces, based on the wishes and requirements of each user.

The project is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union under the grant agreement no 610510th. Find more information at: