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Tips to Translate Subtitles in High Quality

What does it mean to translate subtitles? How do you know if you have done a good job? What are the best practices for new translators? Preserve Meaning The most important task in any translation work is to preserve meaning from one language to another. Direct translation or "word-for-word" translation doesn't always work, which can … Continue reading Tips to Translate Subtitles in High Quality

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What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of getting spoken or signed language onto paper. Transcription works within one language, taking spoken words or signs and transcribing them into written script. If you create subtitles in the same language as a video, you're a transcriptionist!  Transcription is important because it creates access to videos, provides a reference for … Continue reading What is Transcription?

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What is Localization?

Localization is the process of adapting language to a local culture's norms and expectations. Languages are not bound by national borders. And languages vary from region to region, dialect to dialect, and accent to accent. Differences in vocabulary, spelling, and cultural references are all important to local audiences. For instance, different dialects of German are … Continue reading What is Localization?

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Reasons For Being a Video Translator

There are many reasons to be a translator: global accessibility, linguistics, exposure to other cultures, opportunities to connect with the world.  Maybe the flexibility that comes with being a freelance translator is the largest draw for you, like it is for many digital nomads in the translation industry. Setting your own hours, choosing up only … Continue reading Reasons For Being a Video Translator

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Leading the Way in Accessibility: Recognizing Svetlana Kouznetsova

As a part of Amara's Leading the Way in Accessibility effort, we are writing a series of blog posts to highlight people who have dedicated themselves to improving accessibility. It is our pleasure to start off this series by recognizing a lifelong accessibility advocate, Svetlana Kouznetsova.Svetlana was gracious enough to join us for an interview … Continue reading Leading the Way in Accessibility: Recognizing Svetlana Kouznetsova