I’m so happy to announce that yesterday, we flipped the switch to make Amara’s new editor the primary subtitle editor.




This new editor provides a whole new level of flexibility when creating subtitles and is just the beginning of a new set of enhancements to the video captioning and translating experience.

Features include:

  • Side by side comparison of any language or revision with your working version.
  • Ability to use multiple source languages while working on a translation.
  • Ability to independently time translations, while still viewing the reference language.
  • Ability to lock and unlock reference and working text to control alignment.
  • Ability to insert or combine lines when working on a translation.
  • Ability to drag adjoining subtitle start and end times together.
  • Ability to drag a complete subtitle along the timeline.
  • Help gutter for each subtitle showing the number characters / line,  number of lines and lines and characters / line and reading rate (characters / second).
  • Ability to save a version and continue working without exiting the editor.
  • Simplified, cleaner and clearer dialogs.
  • No more artificial line-length limitations on upload.
  • New user help prompts at the start of each subtitling stage.
  • Reset functionality, for timing or text.
  • Clickable shortcuts in the ui.
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts and help.
  • Ability to revert to the last saved revision.
  • Auto-save (every minute)
  • Ability to copy subtitle timing from reference to working versions
  • Style guidelines (team configurable) available in editor view
  • Improved recovery (in the case of a save error)
  • Button to switch back to legacy editor.
  • Adding to our support for youtube, vimeo, and html5 video, we also have support for Brightcove video, flv videos, ogg audio and mp3 audio files.

The list is long, but words simply aren’t enough to describe the new editor.  Lucky for you, we have created a series of simple help videos to walk you through creating subtitles and translations with Amara.

Please head to the amara volunteer team, if you’d like to help subtitle these videos.


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