Amara release notes 2018-03-20

3059 - Update message hiding code 3093 - Member profile page gets laid out weird with long video titles enterprise-1831 - Allow admins to edit video title from Edit Video modal on new style management page enterprise-1842 - Improve method for showing select all for the member directory

Amara release notes 2018-01-24

2137 (stage 2) - Rework team visibility, video visibility settings for new style teams 3027 - TypeError: Saving cached models is prohibited 3094 - User menu triangle misaligned on the videos/create page 3099 - feed_worker hangs on to locks enterprise-1844 - Make embedder gracefully handle video formats that do not support full-screen mode

Amara release notes 2018-01-18

3042 - Fix for team application status integrity error enterprise-1648 - Collab teams - Wrong error message on attempt to sent a duplicate invite enterprise-1779 - Allow selecting all results in Member Directory modals enterprise-1812 - Safari: announcement banner is partially covered by Start Subtitling banner enterprise-1821 - Brightcove syncing: display name of language in … Continue reading Amara release notes 2018-01-18