Stoney Language Elder interviews at Paul First Nation, with Jerry Rain at Paul First Nation.

Stoney Corner Language Reclamation

In May, we added the Stoney Nakoda [sto] language to the subtitle language dropdown in Amara. Since then, we had the opportunity to learn more about the organization who requested the addition: the Stoney Corner Language Reclamation Project at Paul First Nation.   As a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, Amara supports the preservation … Continue reading Stoney Corner Language Reclamation

flag of the Stoney Nakoda nation

Stoney (Nakoda) language has been added

This month we added the Stoney (Nakoda) language to Amara. Most of the languages in its subgroup, the Dakota subgroup of Siouan languages, are spoken further south, in the Mississippi Valley and Great Plains of Ohio, USA. The Stoneys are the only Siouan people that live entirely in Canada. Want tips on language preservation? We … Continue reading Stoney (Nakoda) language has been added

Santali and Ho languages added, and Guarani language updated!

In the month of April, we added three more indigenous languages to Amara's supported subtitle languages, and corrected the name of one. Read on to learn about Santali, Ho, Guarani and Paraguayan Guarani! Santali (sat) and Ho (hoc) While there are 22 languages officially recognized by the Indian Constitution, It’s hard to know how many … Continue reading Santali and Ho languages added, and Guarani language updated!

Native Alaskan languages added to Amara

Thanks to 7,000 Languages Project and the Doyon Foundation, we’ve added four native Alaskan languages from the Athabascan language family to Amara's supported subtitle languages this week: Hän, Gwich’in, Holikachuk, and Koyukon. 7,000 Languages seeks to “offer the best available technology for free use by speakers and supporters of languages largely ignored by commercial interests.” … Continue reading Native Alaskan languages added to Amara