the how-to video on the subtitle interface
The how-to video on the subtitle interface.
We’ve had a few requests to add captions and subtitles to the “How to use Universal Subtitles” videos that pop up when you begin using our subtitle creation interface. While the request comes as no surprise, we have this funny issue where we can’t easily embed the subtitling widget/interface into videos that are already inside the subtitling widget/interface.

So our solution (for the time being) is to make subtitle homepages for the videos (for example, the help video for the first step), where they can easily be subtitled. In the next version of the widget interface, we’ll add a link/note about the subtitles being available for the how-to video.

Long story short is that we could really use your help translating our captions into different languages. I’ve embedded the three videos below!

{“video_url”: “”}

{“base_state”: {}, “video_url”: “”}

{“base_state”: {}, “video_url”: “”}

2 thoughts on “Please help translate our how-to videos

  1. I started translating the first video, but 36% in I noticed that what the video described did not match what I did to translate it. I’m guessing you’ve changed the routines after you made that video. You should update this blog post to warn about that, so others don’t have to waste their time like I did.

    Hope you’ll create an updated video soon. I totally love this project!

  2. Hi Borge,

    I appreciate your help!

    Those are our most current video — they’re fairly close to the existing workflow, so updating them isn’t at the top of our list of priorities (yet). We’ll post here when a new set of how-to videos is created, but I’m not sure exactly how soon that will be.

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