When the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe occurred in March 2011, many people looked for a precedent that could give them an understanding of what this tragedy might mean in the long run. They soon found one – this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

Since March, the Universal Subtitles community has been sharing information about Chernobyl as the eyes of the world once again turn to the question of nuclear power. Thanks to the hard working people who translated these videos, this info is now available in many languages and can be viewed and understood by an international audience.

A lot of people continue to share this interview, subtitled into Japanese, on Twitter. It is an examination of the nuclear disaster and its environmental consequences.

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Information is also flowing the other direction. “Message from Fukishima,” is a plea for help from the people living with the consequences of the recent disaster in Japan.

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The dedicated people translating this particular video are working together to reconstruct accurate subtitles. You can witness their teamwork by scrolling to the bottom of the Message From Fukushima page.

If you are inspired to help the people of Fukushima through Universal Subtitles, help us translate videos from Japan’s recovery so their message can be heard around the world.

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  1. All my love and prayers are going to the people of Japan who have greatly suffered from this disastrous accident. May it be a lesson for us that we are just ants in this world and we are still vulnerable no matter how advanced our technologies are.

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