Updates to amara, deployed Thursday, January 23rd.

  • #1080 – Move the edit title and description prompts in the new editor.
  • #1015 – Stabilize the embedder links and make use of iframes for the beta transcript viewer.
  • #1168 – Update default filter selection for team member task assignments.
  • #1158 – Create a public landing page for private open and application teams.
  • #1151 – Send http notification ping after approvals via the new editor.
  • #1133 – Errors downloading subtitles with the video title contained certain characters.
  • #959 – Label revisions created in the new editor as beta editor.
  • #850 – Fix broken links to profile pages where the username contains spaces.
  • #720 – Don’t create new translation tasks when saving post-publish edits.

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