Changes deployed to 25-April 2014

  • #1319 Allow bulk approval of team applications
  • #1418 URL parameters stripped
  • #1419 ./ does not restart existing containers
  • #1320 Don’t show any default application text if the team has custom application text
  • #1321 Distinguish global search from intra-team search
  • #1408 timeout when messaging team members on a large team

Changes deployed to 18-April 2014

  • #1392 Autosave not working (automatically)
  • #635 Special characters in onsite notifications displayed as amp sequences
  • #831 Reinstate the option to message team members speaking a specific language


There is a still a bit more work required for #1408.  Can still get a ui timeout when messaging all members of a large (> 1000 members) team, however messages are sent.

Have open ticket to improve ui (thumb display) on the the members applications tab.

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