The new API code has been running in production for a good while now without too much problem.  We’re going to switch to using that code only starting on our next deploy which will probably happen tomorrow.

The old URLs will continue to work, they are just going to be handled by the new code rather than the old code.  I previously talked about having them redirect to the new URLs, but it’s simpler to skip that part and just return a response using the new code.

So what’s next for the API code?  There’s a couple directions that we’ll be going in and some are fairly exciting:

  • We’re going to work with our partners to change the partner-specific API endpoints to using the new code.
  • This isn’t API-related exactly, but once we are done with the old code there are a lot of upgrades we can make to our third-party libraries.  This is awesome for us amara devs and also will hopefully come with some performance improvements.
  • Continuous improvement.  One of the best things about the new API code/system is that it has a reasonable way to make changes to the API.  It allows for a transitional time where API clients can continue using the old interface, but also optionally using the new interface.

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