Happy International Translation Day! Join us in appreciating translators around the globe for their work to connect us through language, and broaden our understanding of the world beyond our native tongue.

Today, we decided to go a step further, and highlight open translation communities, which help bridge barriers to communication and make videos available around the globe. We’d love to see these communities thrive, and are encouraging anyone who knows two or more languages fluently to join the fun.

To take this step, we’ve joined ten other organizations with translation communities including Scientific American, Udacity, Art21, and the US National Archives –all open translation communities hosted on Amara– to spread the word about International Translation Day.

What is an open translation team on Amara? It’s a team:

  1. Anyone can join immediately
  2. Where subtitles can be freely edited by team members, published immediately, and iterated on until perfected


What will happen if I translate?:

Expect to get social media shout-outs, highlighted by the organization you’re participating with, and a fun chance to get an Amara t-shirt for the most active translators.


How can I participate?:

Join a team below, and help translate!


Who is participating?:

Udacity: http://amara.org/en/teams/udacity/

US National Archives: http://amara.org/en/teams/national-archives/

Scientific American: http://amara.org/en/teams/sciamerican/

ART21: http://amara.org/en/teams/art21/

DOIT: http://amara.org/en/teams/doit/

AttitudeLive: http://amara.org/en/teams/attitudelive/

Goldin Institute: http://amara.org/en/teams/goldininstitute/

California Academy of Sciences: http://amara.org/en/teams/calacademy/

Ability Magazine: http://amara.org/en/teams/ability/

Plural+: http://amara.org/en/teams/pluralplus/


Why are open translation teams participating?:

International Translation Day lasts only 24 hours, so we want it to be easy for anyone who is interested to join in the fun. These teams all use a simple open workflow and membership process. Of course, there are many other organizations doing community translation with a variety of editorial workflows and team membership processes, see more teams here!

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