• 2830 – Subtitle editor: auto-pause in Beginner mode should not apply during syncing
  • 2897 – Sync and fetch settings for YouTube links are disabled when saving accounts page on 1.7
  • enterprise-1245 – Hover state text for icons in assignment history
  • enterprise-1437 – Set teams modal should be disabled or hidden if user is not admin of multiple teams
  • enterprise-1456 – Assignments Overview – auto-refresh returns user to the first page
  • enterprise-1457 – Assignee email notification not working when work is sent back
  • enterprise-1520 – Allow pasting a long list of language codes into the Create Request language field
  • enterprise-1600 – Site makeover + marketing pages
  • enterprise-1604 – bill-to clients should appear in column A of billing report
  • enterprise-1613 – Mixup of languages on Amara pages after switching UI languages

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