• enterprise-905 – Dashboard – better assignment history
  • enterprise-1077 – Show completed evaluations on the dashboard assignment history
  • enterprise-1164 – Update Assignments model
  • enterprise-1209 – Dashboard – display assigned evaluations in My Assignments panel
  • enterprise-1240 – Request Management – Manage Assignments dialog should only set deadlines for the active assignee
  • enterprise-1507 – Dashboard, Member profile page – evaluators listed on Assignments History record
  • enterprise-1576 – Start dates not set correctly when manager sets assignees
  • enterprise-1581 – Don’t show users from other teams in the My Collaborators section
  • enterprise-1582 – Member profile fixes
  • enterprise-1585 – Assignment limits always check work team
  • enterprise-1588 – Subtitles still marked complete after re-opening collabs
  • enterprise-1617 – Duplicate entries in assignment history
  • enterprise-1618 – Exception on starting a new assignment

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