• 2966 – Make generic view for invalid API requests
  • 3019 – Make styleguide use new amara-assets code
  • 3029 – MultipleObjectsReturned: get() returned more than one VideoUrl — it returned 2! Lookup parameters were {}
  • enterprise-1488 – Block MAC requests for languages other than EN
  • enterprise-1586 – Fix link in collab messages for new notes
  • enterprise-1639 – Merge marketing app with amara app
  • enterprise-1652 – Move video search to magnifying glass icon that leads to video watch/search page
  • enterprise-1653 – Add new favicon to amara.org
  • enterprise-1654 – XSS scripting attack with sign in page
  • enterprise-1724 – Instruct embedder on the type of the video to play
  • enterprise-1760 – XSS attack on the login page

Our sincere thanks go to the following security researchers who have reported the vulnerability fixed in the current build:
Mayur Subhedar
Nassim Asrir
Tanmay S Dikshit
Umesh Jore

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