We are moving along with the UI updates for Collaboration Teams. Earlier this week, the new Member Directory was released, which allows team admins to access the new Application Review page as well. Some of the highlights of the new UI over their older counterparts:

  • bulk actions for team admins on the Member directory – change team member roles and remove team members
  • admission-related links grouped and displayed together in the upper right of Member Directory
  • language filter added to Application Review Page
  • filters clearly laid out on the left of the screen instead of hidden inside the tab header, with more descriptive titles
  • team member and applicant listings¬†show both full name and Amara username
  • user’s languages are displayed as text, instead of enclosed in boxes that look clickable but aren’t

Want to know more? Read about the full functionality of these pages on the Amara Knowledge Base articles, and let us know what you think by commenting on the Forum Post.

Member Directory (Collaboration Teams)
Application Review Page (Collaboration Teams)

If you’re not part of a Collaboration Team, don’t worry! We plan to roll out the new styles to other areas of the Amara site as soon as we finish the Collaboration team pages.

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