Mozilla Drumbeat has taken Universal Subtitles on as one of a handful of featured projects for 2010. Drumbeat is a project incubator and community; its goal is to Drumbeatensure the internet remains an open, participatory, and decentralized medium 100 years into the future. Anyone is welcome to join Drumbeat, create a profile, and support projects they like. Individuals can also create pages for their open-web-related projects (here’s our Drumbeat page).

The Drumbeat website acts as a place for projects and communities to coalesce — like some kind of myspace that is championing the open web (with no flashing banner ads or ugly custom backgrounds). In their own words,

Mozilla Drumbeat is a global community of Mozillians who *use* web technology in new ways to understand, participate and take control of their online lives. At a practical level, Drumbeat community members use web technology to make things that improve and protect the open internet.

Universal Subtitles clearly fits into the Drumbeat ethos; as a featured project we hope to create synergy between communities that care about the open web and groups who see subtitling as a critically missing part of internet video. Drumbeat can help us develop these connections and gives us tools to organize people and amplify messages.

We’re incredibly enthusiastic about being part of the Drumbeat world, and encourage anyone who is interested in Universal Subtitles, and the open web in general, to check out some of the other projects in the Drumbeat orbit. Drumbeat is coordinated by the Mozilla Foundation.

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