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As the courageous protests continue, we’re been able to help the folks at Alive in Egypt make their AIE video page fully translatable. Their site has been attracting many volunteers who are translating voice-to-twitter calls from Egyptians. They have also been aggregating videos from on the ground, but up till now they didn’t have an easy way for people to translate and subtitle those.

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From Alive in Egypt’s About page:

Alive in Egypt was started to add further functionality to the Twitter, Google and SayNow Egypt collaboration. We were so impressed and excited with the technology and the number of calls coming in that we wanted to help bring the voice of the Egyptians to even more people. We reached out to our network of translators and started working on a public spreadsheet to help translate all the audio files coming out.

We’re so honored to contribute in some small way to the change in how people perceive major world events in the internet age. Right now, anyone who speaks two relevant languages (Arabic and any other major language, in this case) can help bridge the gap for non-speakers, for nearly any video on the internet. The actual effects of this ongoing major shift in media coverage won’t be understood until we’re well clear of the present, but right this second it’s feeling pretty radical.

If you understand and write Arabic, I urge you to join the translation effort! For those that don’t, please watch some of these videos (and help promote diversity in news diets everywhere).

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3 thoughts on “Help Translate Alive in Egypt Videos

  1. Me gustaria poder ayudar al traducir del español al inglés. ¿Tienen trabajo para mi? No se buscar el español para poder traducir al español. Pareceria que no funciona. Ayudame, por favor.

  2. I would like to help in translating from Spanish to English. Is there work for me? I want to find Spanish in order to translate it into English. It appears that looking for Spanish does not work. Please help.

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