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I wanted to give a big welcome to our two Summer of Code interns, Misha Amashukeli and Rohan Jain. They will be starting work on two related projects: Universal Subtitles browser extensions, and a system for requesting subtitles from other users.

Together, these two features will bring us a big step closer to our vision of making subtitles and volunteer subtitle creation ubiquitous.

With the Firefox / Chrome / and IE extensions Misha is working on, you’ll be able to enable Universal Subtitles on every video you see.  Rohan’s work will let you request subtitles from other users when you need them, and get notified when other users need your help.

Misha is in Tbilisi, Georgia and he’s quitting his job at an insurance company because he’d rather work on free and open source web applications (awesome).   Rohan is a software developer and open source enthusiast from Jaipur, India who likes coding in Python/Django and who’s been a solid participant in our project since the GSoC application process began.

They were at the top of a long list of really great Summer of Code applicants, so thanks and good luck to everyone else who applied.  We were allotted only two slots, so it was hard to choose!  (Some of the applicants have decided to pursue internships with us this summer outside of the “Summer of Code” program–blog post coming soon)

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