Our friends at Streetfilms have just launched Universal Subtitles to engage their viewers.

Take a look at this video about Highway Removal, which has already been translated in 9-10 languages:

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Streetfilms is a resource for people who want to improve the street life of their cities. They produce videos that show how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, which have inspired worldwide action and behavioral change. Since these issues impact people speaking a variety of languages, they’re a great example of using Universal Subtitles to expand your reach.

Here’s an interesting video about Parking Reform, where Universal Subtitles is enabled: will you be the first one to translate it in your language?

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On the LA Streets Blog, David Barboza has translated a whole video into Spanish, and will be receiving a StreetsBlog t-shirt in return. Streetfilms is giving out prizes to people who translate videos – you could be next!

Streetfilms has enabled Universal Subtitles on every video – in order to translate, click the title of the video as soon as it starts playing or click on “read full post”. Once you are on the video page, you can find the Universal Subtitles widget at the bottom left corner of every video.

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