Another week has rolled along, so it’s time to talk about the API update progress again.

This week I implemented the video language endpoint. It went a lot faster than the video endpoint since it was much simpler. In general, the coding is getting faster since the endpoints are getting simpler and also I’m getting more used to django rest factory. Combined with the fact that the other major project I’ve been working on is pretty much done, I expect things to really pick up starting this week.

Speaking of faster, I also did some work optimizing the various endpoints and hopefully made some big improvements. At least for the videos and video language endpoints, the number of DB queries has dropped substantially and I think this should make the API respond much quicker. Of course this needs to be tested in the wild, so if anyone does want to do a test with their workload I would be very interested to know the results.

Lastly, I started open up some tickets on our github tracker for future API changes.  The plan is still to avoid changes to the current interface for the refactor, so those tickets will not be getting implemented any time soon.  Still, if anyone has thoughts or if a change will be difficult to work around in your client code, please add a comment.

The changes have been merged to staging and are very close to being deployed to production. I’m expecting it to happen tomorrow.

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