The University of Washington’s DOIT program (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) has a beautiful wealth of resources, videos, and programs aimed to help students, employers, and educators promote inclusion and success for people with disabilities.

The recently redesigned DOIT website includes resources for people with disabilities, such as scholarship opportunities, reading materials, and community directories. It also functions as a place for sharing and disseminating knowledge about how to make work, school, and other venues more inclusive – so anyone interested in accessibility can access best practices tailored to all kinds of situations. DOIT also hosts a video library, packed full of resources; this library includes a very robust (accessible) video player built in cooperation with a consortium of universities.

DOIT Able Player
We’re also proud to share news of the recently launched DOIT translation community on Amara, where volunteers can help translate their videos and share best practices for inclusion across the globe. DOIT has already become a hit in Japan, and hopes to act as a model for how accessibility can used to maximize the potential in everyone.

If you’re interested in making accessibility more global, we urge you to check out DOIT’s video translation effort: DOIT Amara team

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