This month we’re pleased to spotlight the amazing work of On Demand members Shérazade Hassaine and Eva Gefflaut. They took a bit of time to share about their hobbies, favorite videos they’ve worked on and more. Read all about it below!

Shérazade Hassaine


I am French of Algerian origin but I currently live in a tiny Mediterranean island called Malta, where I work as a full-time professional translator. In my spare time, I love to travel, go the beach, bake and… to translate!
I discovered I had a passion for subtitling thanks to Amara. What I find very interesting and keeps me motivated to continue working for Amara is the wide range of topics covered in the videos. You can learn a lot of things that you might not have learnt in other contexts. As a translator, I act as a mediator between cultures, and thanks to Amara, I have the opportunity to work on videos that raise idiomatic and culture-specific issues. It gives a lot of good food for thought and I love it. Trying to find the exact expression or word so that the end user can enter a different world, without even noticing, is fascinating. A project I particularly enjoyed working on was a promotional video of an Initiative aiming at giving access to dignified and hygienic sanitation to people living in third countries. I am specialized in translation for international organizations, so working on this kind of videos is very stimulating for me. I feel I contribute to a good cause, conveying a message into another language that can help people in need and raising awareness on humanitarian issues. Thanks to Amara for giving me this opportunity and to the project managers for their support!



Meet Eva Gefflaut



For almost 6 years now my family and I left Europe to establish our home in the beautiful Northwest of the USA. We love the nature here; we have beautiful lakes and ocean side for kayaking, as well as high mountains for skiing and trekking tours.

I have two amazing kids who keep me busy, so boredom is not on my schedule! If I have spare time, I like to buy old pieces of furniture at thrift-stores and restore them in my garage to their former beauty.

For me, working for Amara means freedom to set up my working schedule, to translate interesting video contents and to learn something new with every video. Out of all the videos that I translated so far for Amara, I will always remember this one: “Zillions” by Karl Lagerfeld, because this guy is such an odd character!

I enjoy working with such a huge translator community and I would love to know more about you, too!

Happy subtitling!


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