This month we’re honoring Francesca Pace, who is a valued member of the CalAcademy volunteer translator community. Thank you for all that you do Francesca!

Volunteer of the Month – Francesca Pace!

Why I started to subtitle: I started subtitling videos almost by chance: I am a biologist and a teacher, so I like to work in the field of scientific translations.

What I Like about Subtitling: The aspect I like most about subtitling content is the fact that, even if it is technical work, I have to use also my creativity.

Why I think subtitling is important: I believe that knowledge can improve the quality of our lives and in particular that subtitling can aid this by making video content accessible to all the people around the world.

Favorite video I’ve worked on: My favorite video that I have translated is “Unlocking DNA” which I particularly loved because it tells about the amazing work of researchers of the Center for Comparative Genomics at the California Academy of Sciences.

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