hackersUniversal Subtitles is an open source project for making a better and more accessible internet for everybody. Today we’re launching a development center to make the process open to anyone interested in getting involved.

If you’re interested in contributing, we’d love to have your help. The subtitling widget (see the demo) is written in javascript using the Google Closure Library and the community website (launch TBA) is done in Django, the Python web framework.

We have put up a bunch of helpful information, including: how to download/set up a dev environment, how to join our development mailing list, and where to find the bug tracker. If you’re looking for a place to jump in, we’ve put together a list of features, bugs, and other things that would be a huge help to the project (look for the “Bite Sized Bugs” section).

There’s some good low-hanging fruit, so I’d really like to encourage anyone who has javascript, python, or Django experience to check out the dev center!

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