We are very excited to be organizing the first ever Open Subtitles Design Summit, hosted in NYC on September 29 & 30 and sponsored by The Open Society Institute.

The summit marks an incredible opportunity for a diverse group of stakeholders in the caption/subtitle orbit to come together and make real steps towards increasing availability and user friendliness of captions and subtitles. The meeting will be high-level, yet technically anchored and goal-oriented.

Summit Goals

  • Connect major stakeholders from projects, organizations, and movements that have open subtitling needs or focus.
  • Identify ways to solve stakeholder subtitling needs and be aware of existing technology that can be leveraged. Find logical places for collaboration/cooperation.
  • Move towards standardizing solutions and pushing forward the state of the art in open subtitling.

Participants will include: video creators and producers, engineers from major video hosting services and technology companies, end-users, standards engineers, accessibility advocates, open source developers, educational leaders, and other individuals and organizations with a stake in the subtitling world.

Due to extremely limited space, the event will be capped at around forty participants. If you or your organization are interested in participating, please contact us and we can see if there’s space available.

We’d like to thank the Open Society Institute for sponsoring the event and Open Plans for providing an amazing venue.

Note: We are seeking an experienced ASL interpreter to volunteer for this event. We would be happy to offer references and provide free lunch for both event days in return.

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