Today we’re releasing an alpha demo of our subtitling tool.  Please, try the demo and give us feedback.

You can’t use it to subtitle your own videos yet.  But we’ve put up a demo page where you can try out our new approach to subtitling on a sample video. Your feedback will be really helpful, so please do try it and let us know what you think.

Once you login your changes will be saved, but they will only be visible to you. We did it this way so that many people can test the same video without stumbling over each others’ changes.

Soon we’ll be launching an alpha community site that will let you submit your own videos (Youtube or HTML5 for now) and embed them–with the widget–in your own webpage. So the useful stuff is still yet to come.  In the meantime, we’ve made the front page of partially live, with links to the demo, a screencast, and an overview of our vision for the project.

There are still many known bugs, and obvious features we haven’t added yet. We’re also planning some major changes to the widget interface. But feedback will be super helpful. So please, try it out.

If you’d like to support our work on Universal Subtitles, Mozilla Drumbeat will double your donation. If you’re excited about this project, make a donation now!

Finally, here are a few links if you’re a developer or advanced tester.  We’ll be launching our developer page soon.

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