Universal Subtitles is looking for an experienced Django/JavaScript developer. This is an ideal gig for someone who wants to build free and open source software to create social change. You’ll be building features to help an active and growing community do world changing work.

We’re looking for a web developer who is either (or both):

  1. an experienced Django developer or…
  2. capable of building interactive web applications in Javascript.

All your work will be free , open source software, available under the AGPL license.  Our supporters include Mozilla and the MacArthur Foundation, and our tool was recently used by the New York Times in their Egypt coverage.

Things that make you an even stronger candidate, from our point of

  • Thorough knowledge of Django
  • Confidence tackling the occasional systems issue: SOLR, memcached, S3
  • Ability to make reasonable UI/UX decisions on the fly as you code
  • Good communication skills for working with developers in other organizations (partners, clients)
  • Project management experience

To apply, send a resume (txt or rtf) to jobs at pculture dot org.  If you’d like to learn a bit about how we work, check out our github page or our issue tracker.

One thought on “Hiring experienced Django / JavaScript developers

  1. I sent an e-mail quite some time ago, but I never heard back. So now that I have something else to say I’ll try here as a comment and hope that helps.

    Just wanted to make you aware of Google2SRT (GPL), a fantastic tool to extract subtitles from YouTube and Google Videos and save them as .srt-files. Very useful for use with US.

    What would be totally awesome was if it is possible for you to implement this system into US, so that when someone submits a YT video with Closed Captions, US automatically asks if the person wants to import the subtitles from YT. That would make things a lot easier!

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