We’re looking for volunteers to caption and translate videos on our volunteer team page. We’ve curated some fascinating videos from non-profit and educational partners that deserve a global audience.

Even if you don’t speak multiple languages you can still help make the video more accessible by creating captions. Anyone can join!

Volunteer Page

Why Volunteer?

Any video that you caption or translate has the potential to reach a global audience, and will also be available for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. If you want to see how this will look in practice, take a look at some examples of Universal Subtitles in action.

In addition to the volunteer page, we also have partners running volunteer teams, including Al Jazeera, MIT Open Courseware, Feminist Frequency, Khan Acadmey, and Streetfilms.

Any translations or captioning you do helps open up content to more people – spreading knowledge, cultural understanding, and fun. Please help us spread the word about Universal Subtitles, and join the volunteer team today!

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