Universal Subtitles has just been updated! Now with the new navigation bar and search box on every page, along with our new “Watch” page, it is a lot easier to search, explore, and navigate the site.

If you visit our homepage, the new navigation bar can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

Navigation Bar
The new Navigation Bar

With this new addition, you can readily watch more videos, translate directly, and learn more about Universal Subtitles at an accelerated rate.

The search box at the top of the page is another great addition; now, you can search directly for a specific video.
Search Box

Finally, the new watch page is a great new resource for Universal Subtitles users. By clicking on the “Watch” button in the navigation bar, you will arrive at a page full of interesting videos already translated into several languages.

The new Universal Subtitles is a great improvement, so check it out and support us by continuing to translate!

3 thoughts on “Search is Finally Here for Universal Subtitles

  1. Oh, and one more tiny thing: You still write “Norwegian Bokmal”, but it is “Norwegian Bokmål”. I assume you use utf-8 for your websites and everything you do, so it shouldn’t be a problem writing that å. Just copy-paste it from my comment here if you like. :)

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